Polish Smart Development Award 2020 – nomination

Our project “Conducting industrial research and experimental development works in BLEJKAN S.A. in order to create a binder connecting the liner used for renovation with the existing water pipe at the place of connection” was nominated in the category “Innovative technologies of the future”.

Business Gazelles 2019 – nomination

We were among 4675 companies nominated to the most popular and oldest list of the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises.

TYTAN AWARDS 2019: Project of the Year – Renovation

BLEJKAN S.A. (leader) and P.P.H.U. AKWA J. Biskup, S. Owczarek sp.j. (partner) JV, for the trenchless renovation of three siphon pipelines under the Vistula River in Cracow, in CIPP technology. Network with a total length of over 843 m was renovated. During the renovation, a DN1500 liner was used, and it was cured with UV light.

Investor: Kraków Waterworks

Construction of the Year in Podkarpacie 2018 – winner

First Degree Award in the Urban Engineering category for trenchless renovation of the city’s sewage and water supply system sections, carried out within the project entitled “Water and sewage management in Tarnobrzeg – Stage II”. The project was executed together with the companies PHU AKWA J. Biskup S. Owczarek sp. j. and INFRA S.A.

TYTAN 2018: Project of the year – rehabilitation

The consortium of Terlan sp. z o.o. (leader) and BLEJKAN S.A. for the rehabilitation of the sewage and water pipelines in Poznań. The scope of the project covered rehabilitation of the Right Sewage Mains I of a length of 1.89 km and diameters from 1000/1720 to 3200/2600 using short GRP module relining, and the rehabilitation of sewage pipes using UV CIPP and hot-water CIPP felt sleevs over a length of 18.78 km in the very center of Poznań. The scope also included manholes (485 pcs.) which were rehabilitated using centrifugal spraying. A total of 2206 top-hat profiles were also glued in.

Investor: Aquanet SA

TYTAN 2016: Project of the year – rehabilitation

Trenchless rehabilitation of a combined sewer in Kraków along the Vistula River on its right side from the mouth of Wilga River into the Vistula River near Rollego Street up to the Dąbie barrage at Stoczniowców Street. A length of 2700 m of the sewer was rehabilitated using GRP panel relining whose sizes ranged from 1500/2250 to 3000/2350, as well as a length of 70 m of a 3000/2350 sewage which was lined with basalt plates. Three overflow chambers were also rehabilitated using basalt technology. Other manholes and chambers along the sewer were rehabilitated using chemical resistant mineral coatings.

Investor: MPWiK Kraków S.A.

TYTAN 2015: Project of the year – rehabilitation

BLEJKAN SA for trenchless rehabilitation of a pre-WW2 concrete combined sewer in Opole with diameters ranging from 750 x 500 to 1100 x 700 mm over the length of 630 m; rehabilitation of 38 active laterals using CIPP sleeves and DN800 packers; sealing 54 laterals using top-hat profiles; silting up existing unused sewers and laterals (11 pcs.); rehabilitation of manholes in sewer (14 pcs.); replacement of manhole covers on manholes S1 through S10 (10 pcs.).

Investor: Wodociągi i Kanalizacja w Opolu sp. z o.o.

TYTAN 2014: Project of the year – rehabilitation

BLEJKAN sp. z o.o. and INFRA S.A. for the rehabilitation of sewers and storm drains in Pawłowice.
The scope of the project carried out in 2014 in the Residential District of Pawłowice, covered a trenchless rehabilitation of 1168.23 m of a sewer (including a CIPP sleeve – 960.92 m, pipe bursting – 207.31 m, rehabilitation of 20 manholes), and a rehabilitation of 2322.27 m of storm drains (including a CIPP sleeve – 1842.77 m, pipe bursting – 363.27, SPR-PE – 305.23 m, and 184 manholes).

Investor: Gminny Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji z siedzibą w Krzyżowicach and Pawłowice District.

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