We have been operating on the renovation market since 2007. We specialize in the rehabilitation of sewage, water supply, pressure, technological and gas pipes. We have at our disposal qualified staff, specialized equipment and the latest technologies. Focusing on development, we constantly invest in our resources, implement new solutions and expand the range of our services and therefore we can guarantee their highest quality.

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Our mission is to provide the highest quality services and strengthen the leading position in the industry. We want to gradually increase our staff and equipment capabilities, invest in new technologies and develop through the acquisition of domestic and foreign companies. Thanks to this, we expand the range of services offered and are able to offer our customers the best solutions.

Thanks to the wide range of equipment and appropriate organization of our teams’ work, we are able to successfully carry out many projects at the same time – in Poland and abroad.

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At BLEJKAN S.A. we also focus on technological development.

We are not afraid of challenges – we are gradually expanding our offer with new technologies and therefore even the most demanding contracts are no challenge for us.

Example: CIPP technology before and after rehabilitation(drag the slider)

Kanał przed renowacją Kanał po renowacji

Development is one of our strategy pillars.

We broaden our competences not only by improving the qualifications of our staff and applying the latest technologies, but also by strengthening our group.


Check our projects. Stay up to date!

Renovating one of Warsaw’s most important collector

We are renovating one of Warsaw's most important collectors. The project we execute contains renovation of a few sections of the Burakowski collector (total length of the renovated section: 4800 m). We carry out the works as a joint venture of BLEJKAN S.A. (leader), ABIKORP Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Inżynieryjnych sp.z o.o. and TERLAN sp.z o.o. The collector will be lined with over 1,600 GRP…

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Relining of the Burakowski sewer in Warsaw

Segment GRP panels made of polyester resin – this was the material we chose to carry out a trenchless rehabilitation (relining) of the Burakowski sewer in Warsaw. For the Warsaw based Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w m.st. Warszawie S.A. we performed a project along a 4.8 km section using 1600 modules each of which was 3 m long, had a diameter of 1.7–3 m, and weighed 2 tons.…

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Trenchless renovation of the sewage network in 20 streets in 9 districts of Warsaw

We are implementing an investment involving the trenchless renovation of the sewage network in 20 streets in 9 districts of Warsaw. In total, 3,344 m of pipelines with diameters from DN200 to DN800, laid at the depth of 2.6 to 6.6 m, are being modernized. Works are carried out in CIPP technology.

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